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Geplaatst op Sep 5, 2022

Project participants (F) wanted age 18-36 in Rotterdam

Part timeRotterdamWeekendwerk, Vakantiewerk
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For our on-board air safety project, we are looking for spontaneous tough girls/women. You will be amazed of what you are capable of at the end. Contribute in the development of a procedure that allows the on-board crew to fully neutralize and immobilize an agressive individual. With this procedure, the agressor has no chance against you and your team mate, and it keeps you safe from any risks of injuries. You will learn a technique that enables you and a teammate to fully immobilize an agressive person, with the help of an unexpected tool. This technique will improve the safety of the (mainly female) members of the cabin crew when dealing with an agressive passenger, no matter how big and strong they are. You will learn to use the tool in different ways to show the multi-functionality of it. This multi-functionality will enable the cabin crew to get a person under their control, using just this tool. During the immobilization,the air hostesses will not risk getting injured at all. The project will start on a friday afternoon and ends on the sunday. It will be held on a Landal holiday park. During this week end, you and your team member will test and practice the technique combined with the tool on a representative test person. Of course you will have plenty of time to enjoy the facilities the park has to offer and you will get a good reward. Co-operation with team Problem solving Ruthless Analytisch Vermogen Geen ervaring vereist Er is geen minimale opleiding vereist. Pragmatic flexible hours Good rewarding Free defense technique lesson Access to the park facilities Get paid, even while you sleep


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Horeca, Catering, Promotiewerk, Hostess


Dutch, English